Jesus is breaking dividing walls

Written by KATY SPAKMAN – 27/02/2019

Something that has really moved my heart recently was seeing a young woman of a certain tribe here (we have numerous tribes here in this town) come forward to receive prayer. She has been suffering from a chronic illness and without a miracle they say it will cause her life expectancy to be very short.

As she came to the altar for prayer, we had the worship team singing to the Lord over the people getting prayed for. I noticed the young woman, tears streaming down her face, SO blessed by Jesus and moved by the singing. I realised how amazing it is that she was receiving from those leading the worship who are from another tribe and language group. This is no small thing….

After the meeting she kept saying to me “it was so beautiful when they sang”

God is breaking down barriers, bringing peace and bonding hearts in Him. Only His power can break down the dividing walls between tribal groups!