Outreach to Yuendumu

Written by KATY SPAKMAN – 27/11/2019

We have recently began making deep relational connections with a tribe we’ve had little to do with since first starting out here 6 years ago…

Christian leaders and elders from this tribe recently invited our team to minister at a three day outreach event in their remote community- a few hours from Alice Springs. Invitations went out to surrounding communities and soon we heard rumours of people coming from as far away as Perth.

Within two weeks of setting the dates and the invitations going out, we heard the news that a tragedy had occurred in that same community- a non Aboriginal policeman shot a young, local man dead while trying to arrest him. The young man was only 19 and this event was extremely painful for the whole community. Rumours went around about what happened, but not many certain details about the tragedy were released and now the whole community and even Central Australia are left shocked and saddened.

For our friends to proceed with inviting our white Christian team in at such a time of grieving and with their local families observing cultural laws around ‘sorry business’ we were informed the 3 day rally style event would be better rescheduled and held at a later date.

…but in the last few days we’ve heard back from our friends in the community- that there are still many hungry people asking for the event to go ahead and those most closely affected by the loss of the young man have agreed that they are all needing prayer and encouragement more than ever. Our team are proceeding to make plans to arrive in the community tomorrow.

Please pray for our outreach there -that we can truly be the hands and feet of Jesus and encourage the leaders to keep the flame of love for Him alive and that many people give their hearts to our beloved Jesus.