A cool space

Written by KATY SPAKMAN – 27/02/2019

Recently Jesus spoke to our hearts to open a cool space up in the hot days for women to come and be ministered to.

We had some visitors God brought for the right time- a lady in her early 60’s who knew the pain of separation from her husband and could minister to the women about her experience of abandonment and rejection and how since her marriage ended, Jesus had truly become a husband to her. Many of the ladies here have experienced a lot of pain and brokenness in their marriage so her honest and deep testimony ministered to their hearts deeply.

The Lord also brought a wonderful young lady to us who is trained as a midwife. It was so special seeing the women receive ministry from our visitors.

One woman there recently had been hospitalised following domestic violence. Her 14 year old son had seen the horrible attacks toward his mother and the two had come to Alice Springs seeking refuge and medical attention for the mother. They both came to the first day and while one of our team played worship music, the 14 year old boy fell into a deep sleep sitting up straight -in the middle of the day!

When the boy awoke he kept telling me with a heavy accent “I was asleep, I was asleep” The Lord had blessed Him with supernatural rest following such a traumatic time!

Jesus heals His beloved! Another young girl who came with her grandmother had not been eating for weeks. Her little arms were tiny and she was obviously very malnourished. Our team prayed and when she arrived she was offered a large chicken and salad sandwich. A few of her family members stood marveling as she hungrily ate the whole sandwich without any trouble! It was the first time they had seen her eat anything substantial in a long time.